Sunday, November 14, 2010


Thanks to so many people.  I wont name you cause I am frightened I will forget someone.  But people have been dropping off dinners and baking, fruit, chocolates, garden flowers, someone took my washing (and even changed our bed), someone else took school work, Charlotte set up this blog, visitors are coming constantly to keep our sanity, someone else has come to check out how we can quickly make another bathroom, another is trying to help us to make our house more wheelchair friendly with ramps and getting over entrance way lips, not to mention all the prayers and love being sent in huge quantities.  We are humbled by your kindness and support. 

Thanks to the kids in my class for the wonderful cards that they sent for Logan, and to everyone who visits and draws a picture for the wall.

The journey is going to be long and hard, but we will travel it with your love and support to guide us.

Thanks so much

Tracy and Evan

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