Saturday, November 13, 2010

13 November 2010

Hey everyone,
If you didnt already know,  Logan has been diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma.  This is a very fast moving cancer which affects kids his age. So far it is in his right knee, hip, pelvis, left femur, stomach muscle, both lungs, one rib, and all over his scalp.  Next week on Tuesday or Wednesday he will have a general anaethestic and have a portacath inserted in his chest which will connect to a vein. All his treatment's will enter through this.  We are at home at present till then.  Visitors are welcome, but please text or phone first.  Logan is due to begin chemo as soon as the portacath is in. Please post comments of love or support for Logan here.  We will update when we can, and try and check it daily.
Thanks to everyone who has delivered meals to our house and done washing, and baking, and all the other millions of things you have helped with.  We are blessed to have such great family and friends.


  1. Hi Logan, Tracy and family, This is Pauline and Freya (using Freya's gmail account). You have been often in our thoughts and prayers today. We are glad you can be at home over this beautiful weekend, surrounded by family and friends. White light from us to you.

  2. Hi Logan, Tracy, Evan, Brad and Charlotte. I have spent a lot of time this weekend thinking about the epic journey you have ahead of you Logan. You must all feel as though your world has been tipped upside down. I hope you can enjoy this brief respite before it gets even crazier.
    I saw Erik Arndt tonight and he was gutted to hear the news. He sends his best regards.
    Linda and Paul McCullagh

  3. Hi Logan, Tracy, Evan, Brad and Charlotte. I was so shocked and upset to hear the news Logan, I'm thinking about you all the time! You have all my love and support for the times ahead, stay strong, kia kaha! You are lucky to have an incredible family at your side :)

    I love you guys!
    Emma Aldridge.

  4. Hello Roose Family.
    If there are any special menu requests you would like let me know. Hugs and kisses from Nicky and Roxi

  5. So Thats what those lumps were on your head Logan...I just thought you had played so much xbox, that you were turning into someone akin to Hellboy!
    I had a portacath put in, by far the best way to have chemo I doesn't feel as weird under your skin as you think it will.

    The boys are out with Nige atm, but will post later...sending love and energy,

  6. btw, I joke to bring a smile to your face, not to offend or bring you down - I so hope you know this Logan.
    You are in our thoughts and heart constantly, you are lucky to have your awesome family fighting along side you. sending truckloads of strength,