Tuesday, November 23, 2010

READ THIS!!!!!!!

If Logan were writing this he would say something interesting and exciting and still get his message across.  Maybe it is this that makes people want to help him... or his kind heart.. (I cant feel him saying SHUT UP MUM!).  Anyway... Whatever you believe in, you cannot underestimate the inate urge in people to help others...

Thanks to the lovely people who dumped a pile of wood in my garage to make a ramp with

Thanks to Andrew (the builder) who came and made the ramp on Saturday

Thanks to my fabulous friends at Knighton Normal School (the best in the country) who have been cooking us the most amazing meals so that we have at least one proper meal a day

Thanks to Paul who ripped all the walls out of the old laundry so that we could start building our new bathroom

Thanks to Greg and Phil who spent the day plumbing the room so that it will best suit Logan and his needs

Thanks to Ross and my brother Dean who spent an entire day at my house building bits on the new bathroom in preparation for the new wet room

Thanks to my sister Carolyn who has been coming down from Auckland for days at a time to attempt to keep me sane - an exercise that was doomed to fail!!!!!

And thanks to ALL of our lovely friends and family for ALL you have done... the cleaning, washing, cooking, baking, phone calls, texts, love, prayers and positive thinking means so much to us. Our faith in people has never been so strong...

To people who have been generous in other ways... thank you... words cannot express our gratitude...

Anyway, enough soppy stuff!!!! My men will be home shortly and I have got stuff to do!!! (Like I have been sitting on my butt for the last week).  Speak to ya soon!


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