Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Leaving... on a jet plane....

Evan and Logan fly out of Auckland on Wednesday 17th at 7.30pm... Air New Zealand we think... they will try and continue to post on the blog over there...

Hopefully adding pictures and stuff...

And while they are away... we get onto building a ramp, putting in an underground pipe, and then beginning the new bathroom...

So dont wear new clothes to my place if visiting, cause you might find yourself with a spade or hammer...

Love to all our friends and family


  1. great news!

    thinking of you



  2. Wow Exciting times.... How long are they over there??? Much love and safe travels from all of us here in Good St and up there in Alamain Place.
    Tracy I will be in touch later this week. Mwah!!!

    Middlemiss De Thierry Whanau.

  3. fantastic news our love and support are with you all .we live up in waiuku so are only a short trip to auckland are here if you need anything anytime 24/7 hang in there logan and remember when the going gets touch we touch get going stay strong love and hugs gayle (helens Friend)david christena-rose and jennifer smith :-)

  4. Awesome news, safe travels! Love th new look (tho ya knew i would say that!!) Hope ya gettin used to it, loads easier to look after :) Let us kno if ya need anything :)
    Loads of hugs
    Aunty Tracey :) @}-%--