Friday, July 22, 2011

We have lift off... at Starship

Hey all,
Michael phoned again today. He had heard from Auckland.  They have decided to go with an allogenaeic transplant... I probably spelt that wrong. We have half of Charlee's results back. The first result is a match.  If the second is also a match, we are away. Michael has said that Logan will not have any more chemo before we go to see Starship on August 1. He doesn't want to mess with anything that they may want to do. The methotrexate seems to have done some good, so he will rely on that to keep Logan in a holding pattern.  Should things change in the next week, we will give him another huge dose of steroids.

He can't be feeling too bad, cause he is out this evening at a movie night with Rosie and friends - leaving Evan and I (and Paul) to have a quiet evening together... there is something to be said for this empty nest thing!

So there will probably not be much news in the next week, but I will post if something else happens.  Logan, Brad, Charlee, and Evan and I, are all planning to head to Starship for the meeting, so that we know, as a family, what is coming up.

Take care all,

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