Wednesday, July 13, 2011

soooo tired.....

Sleep seprivation... thought it was over when the kids slept thru the night... On the bright side tho, my baby is now sleeping.

After another evil night, I decided to take a more active role in Logan's care plan.  I have stopped his Tramadol, but am continuing on the panadol.  Tramadol can cause vomiting. I have asked for him to be put on a drip, which they are doing as I type this.  And have asked that they consider taking him off the antibiotics.  They are not making any visible sign of improvement.  We have compromised by waiting till the results come thru before deciding on the antibiotics. 

His temp has stayed down over the last 24hrs (yay), but his desperation is revealed in his willingness to drink water, something which he doesnt normally do at all. So far his stomach has stayed in its place since 4am.  (that would be 6hrs torture time).

A new development today... Logan's left leg has started to hurt.  A mummy massage helped to ease the pain enough for him to fall into a doze. His weight has dropped to 68kg...

A welcome surprise came yesterday in the form of his Northern Health School teacher, Sue, who brought a rescue package... labelled LOGANS BOX OF SURPRISES.  Inside, everyone had contribulted to share something with logan from DVD's and CD and even talking books.  He discovered chocolate and baby food (yum) and sweets. The cards inside were mounted proudly on his wall.  Poor Sue tho, walked into his room with me, and said good morning Logan, and he said BLAH into a bowl!  Then he looked up and smiled and said hello, and we all laughed... What can you do.  He got fussed over by 2 Mum's for a while... the things a boy has to do to get attention these days!

Logan is somewhat of a sight to behold when he sleeps.  His Dad bought him a sleep mask, to help cover his eyes and sheild them from the light.  He looks like an underdressed Zorro... The nurses are so kind and even turn off the corridor light in the evening so that it doesnt bother him.

Michael sent word last night that some of the cells had finally been found on the shavings. The were being stained last night and we will have the results today.  Assuming that the cells are not lymphoma as the team are anticipating they are not, we are hoping that they will be able to tell us what the heck they actually are. They have ruled out some rare fungal infections (which are seriously serious), but there are so many other things that we are still waiting on results for.  In the interim, his chemo has been stopped.  Once they know they will restart it or change it accordingly.  They said that minor lumps may begin to appear. We hope not... they are always so depressing.

Logan's broken leg has also been giving him a lot of pain... not unreasonable so. Seeing as it is broken and all. It is also somewhat swollen. Possibly a combination of the tumour growing again and the break complaining.

This morning the nurse came and took bloods for his tissue typing which have been sent to Auckland.  Charlee did hers a few days ago.  She is our first port of call as his only full sibling. We will test further out should she not prove a match.  This is not something that is needed at the moment, but rather a backstop should we need it in the future.

Knowing now, that you are well and truly sick of the sound of my keys, I will finish.

God bless and stay well

Tracy and Evan

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