Friday, July 15, 2011

And the plans change again...

Hey Everybody,
We had a phone call from Michael this afternoon.  There has been a change in plans (yes again).  He has been having dicussions with Auckland, Australia and the States and they have decided Logan will be best treated here.  We think so too... home is where the heart is, and we have all of you... that has to be good for his healing.

They have given us this weekend to chill out and relax.  On Monday we will go back in.  Logan will have blood tests, a CT scan, xrays, and a bone marrow biopsy.  He will be heavily sedated for the latter.

Tuesday morning he will have fluids, followed by Methatrexate.  Then over the next few days he will receive the usual antidote to get the levels down again.  He will also continue to receive the steroids he is currently on. 

The doctors had originally thought that the steroids would tide him over for several weeks, and that we would make a decision within the week and get organised.  They have changed their minds (I know... shocking), and want to keep Logan safe by giving him a short dose of chemo that will also get into the spinal fluid and the meninges.

The plan after this, is in the very near future, to put Logan on high dose chemo.  This will either be at Waikato or Starship (rather than the adult Haematology in Auckland Hosp) by the sounds of things. This will not last as long as his first regimen of chemo.  After it is completed and he is in complete remission, he will have full body radiation and then receive a stem cell transplant. It sounds as tho they prefer to give him another persons rather than his own.  Having said this, they will spend the next week or two nailing down the fine details.

In Logan's words... we will never stop fighting!!!!

Our boy is such an inspiration... I often wonder how I have been blessed with such a loving, humble child. His inner strength often makes me look like a muppet!!! 

So come Monday... send texts and phone.  Let him know that you care.  He loves getting your texts... especially on his phone rather than mine. You can also ring the ward. Waikato hospital number is 07 839 8899 and just ask for ward 25.  Visits are always awesome. Especially you young people! Come and give him shit! Charlotte and Dan came up the other day. They brought bubbles and glow sticks.  Along with Rosemary (who was already visiting) they put him in his wheelchair and raced around the ward blowing bubbles at the doctors, nurses and patients, and handing out glowsticks to nurses they liked!  He had the best day. Keep coming up young people... he needs you.

Keep smiling and stay well
Live for today... it is beautiful
Tracy and Evan....

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