Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And it all came crashing down....

At around 3.30pm today, Logan suffered something like a stroke.  It appears it was caused by the lymphoma, which also appears to have infiltrated his spinal fluid... the bastard!!!

Logan was perfectly fine one minute, then gradually, over a few minutes, lost feeling in his right arm, and also lost the ability to form words and thoughts easily.  We were on the way to the bathroom at the time, so did an about face and headed back to bed where he was accosted by several nurses, followed by several doctors. It was then discovered that he had lost all feeling in his right leg as well.  His smile looked as tho a dentist had been let loose on him.

Once Michael Jameson arrived he was given Dexamethasone, followed by another, larger dose, of another steroid.  They are hoping these will reverse the effect on the brain.

They are monitoring him regularly and Evan is staying with us up at the hospital tonight.  We sent Charlee, Dan and Brad home.  Somebody needed to sleep.

As I mentioned before, the unfortunate thing is that it appears (tho it is not 100% confirmed) that the lymphoma has penetrated the spinal fluid.  Tomorrow, when confirmation is received (they want to ensure they get it 100% right), we will discuss treatment options.  The Vinblastine, which is doing a fabulous job on the rest of his body, is unable to get into the spinal fluid.  Michael mentioned several option including a trial drug that we might be able to access from Australia.

But tomorrow is another day, and we just need to get thru this one.  Please pass this information onto others who may know Logan.  Visitors are welcome, but as I said, he is not always able to hold a conversation or even to figure out what we are saying.  It comes and goes.  With any luck, things will have improved tomorrow.

In the morning they are sending him for an MRI to see what, if any, damage has been done to the brain. 

Please remember him in your prayers... he is an angel that belongs on earth... not anywhere else....

Tracy and Evan and family

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