Thursday, July 14, 2011

And so we have it...

We spoke with Michael this afternoon. He has confirmed that they are almost 100% certain that the lymphoma has progressed to the fluid around the brain. This is known as Lymphoma meningitis (or something similar). It caused the swelling around the brain, which in turn caused the episode that Logan had yesterday afternoon.  There appears to have been little or no permanent damage done thank God. And he has returned to normal.

Basically we are down to two options (which is better than one!).

There is a trial over in the States which Logan may be elligible for... we are waiting on information (involves taking a pill).  But this would see me travelling to the States with Logan and staying there for several months without support from family or friends... neither Logan or I are too keen on this idea, but will consider it.  It also has financial implications.

The other option is high dose chemo followed by a cell transplant.  This would be done in Auckland. For this we will need a donor (Charlee has already been tested for compatability - we are waiting for the results).  Michael said there are pro's and cons to this.  A bonus being that the donor's cells can also help fight the lymphoma. A concern is that the recipient can end up with host vs donor and reject, creating even bigger problems.

Michael is talking to people in the States, Australia, and around NZ to look for help and ideas.  We will have to make a decision in the next week or so, but the steroids that they are using to bring down the inflamation also kills the cancer short term... buying us some time.

Logan is a fighter and said as much.  I guess we will all be taking this new information on board over the next few days.  Thanks for your support.

Tracy, Evan and Family


  1. thinking of you all - come on Logan!

  2. Keep on fighting one day at a time. You are all so amazing.

  3. Hang in there Logan, thinking of you everyday xox