Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mum here...

So what has happened? Not much really... Michael came again this morning.  He said that the pathologists are struggling to find the abnormal cells that were found visually under the microscope.  They have put the spinal fluid through a spinning thing and then stuck the cells in some jelly stuff and are in the process of making cheese type slices of the offending cells (only the slices are microns thin). All the specialist are confused as to why Logan is not responding and also what the actual bug is. Michael has been liasing with microbiologist, pathologist, other oncology consultants, fungal specialists, immunity specialists, and haematologists.... still no answers.  Logan has had a particularly rough 24 hrs. I took him home for a few hours yesterday to see if that would help.  Michael said he might improve. He slept for a few hours, and even ate a small amount of cheese on toast that I made him. But on the way back to the hospital at 6.30pm, his stomach rejected his lunch (my poor car)... then again at 2.30am, then again at 10.30am.  His pain was constant through the night but the temp stayed low thanks to the drugs. Today Michael decided to put him on something to settle his stomach acid, and also a non-steroid anti inflammatory to assist with the pain, by hopefully reducing the swelling around the brain. Logan's neck is stiff and sore. His back hurts.

Earlier in the week we thought that he was improving but he has once again gone down hill. Thanks to Charlee and Dan bringing in this wonder T-stick, I can make regular updates for you.

On the positive side, Michael said that he was responding so well to the vinblastine that missing a couple of treatments wont matter too much, but we may notice lumps and bumps beginning to appear soon.  He also said it is rare for lymphoma to move into the spine... but not unheard of. So I suppose that is good.  Unfortunately the vinblastine does not penetrate to the spinal fluid so if lymphoma cells are found there, we will be discussing another avenue of attack on the monster.

Michael also said that this illness is confusing doctors for a particular reason.... it is behaving like both a virus and a bacterial infection.  He is still not 100% certain that the meningitis is viral, for a whole load or reasons that cease to come to mind at present.

As Evan mentioned, we live in the dark up here.  I try to keep my mind busy with Logan's laptop. Logan aims for unconsciousness. We both often fail miserably. Logan's friend Izzy brought up some lovely lights that shone some spots of gentle colour.  We initially put them in front of him, but as the headache worsened, I moved them to above his head where the glow did not affect him.  Unfortunately the batteries have now run out but the were lovely... thanks Izzy

Thanks to Paul and Yvonne who have been bringing me chick flicks and fantasy (the sci-fi kind!) to watch... awesome at 1am when I am too tired to think.

Thanks to everyone who is visiting and texting and phoning... you DO make a difference...

Hopefully tomorrow we will know that his fluid is fine and they will have identified the bug and kill it!!!!

Love to you all,

Tracy and Evan

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