Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sad News

Hello everyone,
Unfortunately over the last few weeks Logan has been getting more and more exhausted and his knee has become extremely sore. He had an appointment on Wednesday with Michael who was sorry to tell us Logan's monster has come back. So far, it is in the subcutaneous tissue between his stomach and skin, in the bones in his leg and on his skull. He met with Michael on Thursday and he was given several options of how we are going to fight it this time. He has opted to have a chemo called Vinblastine. He will have this for 10 minutes every week and will not have to stay over night (fingers crossed). The pros of this are he gets to sleep in his own bed, he won't feel as ill, will have more energy and might even be able to go to school every so often if he feels up to it. They will know if the Vinblastine is working or not after about a month. If it is not working then we will go back to the more heavy duty chemo. But so far Vinblastine has had a good response rate.
My little brother is a fighter, but please send your prayers.
Chemo isn't starting for about a week from now, as he has a small dose of pneumonia at the moment.
Visitors are more than welcome at our house, but please ring first as Logan gets very tired.
Thank you everyone for your support over the last few months.
We did it once, we'll do it again.
Love Charlotte

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  1. Yes we are praying. Tough times but you are the best family in the world to stick it out and fight it together