Monday, March 28, 2011


Hiya guys, long time no blog.
This afternoon I was sitting around on the computer waiting for a few things to finish and I thought, "I haven't posted on the blog in ages" so here i am.

To fill you in on whats been happening, on thursday, we had my first follow-up check-up with the brilliant and eccentric Dr Jameson up at the hospital.
When we got in at 11:30 for our 10:30 appointment, we were joined by our lovely support person Ellyn and no less then 2 medical students (1 doctor and 1 nurse). Micheal filled us in on what was likely to be happening over the next few years concerning further check-ups and scans. My next appointment being in 3 months, or sooner if we have any fears that we need the good Dr to quell. He wants to keep PET scans to a minimum (1 every 6 months i think) because apparently 1 in a thousand get cancer from them and that's the last thing i want right now. Other then that, Micheal pronounced me healthy and recovering at top speed.

My birthday is also coming up really soon. And i just want to thank all those people who have helped me get through to this, where it wasn't always so certain if i would. So thanks guys, now its my turn to say, I'm thinking of you all.

Well until next time Children.......
This is Logan signing off with a Be good, and stay healthy.

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