Monday, May 16, 2011


Howdy Folks, guess who.
I'm back baby.

I know I probably should have posted something earlier, but you know me. Never could post regularly, but I guess that just makes my posts SPECIAL.

Now as my brilliant Sis has filled you in, my ALCL has returned, with a vengeance.
To tell the truth when I first got the all-clear, i could all most hear an Austrian accent telling me, "I'll be back".
But what can you do about it?
This time it decided to make its presence known a lot more forcefully. It started with symptoms not unlike shingles (A pain in my shoulder, and a mild rash). But then my knee started acting up, that's when "terminator: returns" began.

So I've gotten stuck into my weekly chemo. Just had my second dose this afternoon. It seems to be going rather well, with lumps and bumps visibly reducing, and all my pain disappearing. Thankfully this Vinblastine hasn't been as hard on my system as far as i can tell. My bloods were right back up on Friday in preparation for today, so it cant be too bad. I'm just hoping i wont come to regret those words later on down the track.

Just to follow on with what Charlie said, HUGE thanks to everyone who has come and worked on the house these last few days. From those that just popped in to do an hour of sanding, to those like my uncle dean who sacrificed their weekend to do those jobs that just had to be done. Thanks to all of you guys, the Bathroom is now operational and the hallway and lounge have new architraves around the walls.

Just one more thing for tonight. Some of you may have heard of the "Make a wish" foundation, who grant wishes for children aged 3 - 17 who suffer from life threatening illnesses. visit their website if you want some more information. Well anyway, they got a hold of me about a month ago and we got to chatting. Long story short, they found that i was deserving, so now I'm expecting a new Gaming computer within the week.

That's all for today children.
Till next time, this is Logan saying, Be good and stay healthy.

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